Thursday, 11 August 2011


I answered the phone, then dodged into an alley while asking the others to wait.

Rayne, Lauren and I had been on the road for over a week. Rayne is getting along fairly well, but Lauren... Lauren is not looking too well. Makes sense. I was even very poor condition after I first left home. Sweats, vomiting, malnourishment. It's to be expected, but still...

Yes, the phone call.

Ferus. Of course it was Ferus. No one else knows the number. It may actually be his phone. Strange. White with blue casing. One would expect red, something morbid or grisly. No. White and blue. Almost something I might pick.

Of course, I'm deferring.

Ferus spoke for a very long time, and I listened. Dear god I listened. When it was over, the alley felt much smaller. After I emerged, Rayne walked towards me.

R: Who was that?
G: Brian's dead.

A long pause.

R: ... WHAT?
G: He's dead. Dead.
R: How?
G: Ferus got to him, of course. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned him by name on my blog. It might not have changed much, but...

Rayne collapsed onto a bench, his eyes wide, staring into mine.

R: What... what happened?
G: ... There was talk of flaying...

Lauren: It means he took... he took his skin.

Lauren stared at me. Pale, malnourished and overall weakened, but still she stared straight at me. I don't like her stare. I don't like it at all. Rayne looked in shock between the two of us before also settling on me. An inquiring look was on his face, almost the opposite of Lauren's. He needed confirmation. I nodded.

His face drooped. I've never seen such a thing on another person, at least not to this extent. He held his head in his hands, shaking, quivering.

G: I... I'm sorry-

I swallowed. This I couldn't handle. Dozens of proxies stabbed, shot and burned while begging for mercy , but I couldn't handle this. So I left.

Water tower. East side of town. If you want to find me, Rayne (or Lauren), I'll be there.

Ferus, I will skin you alive. Maybe Brian might appreciate that.

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  1. That's... That's disgusting.

    Good luck Glass.