Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It huRts so much
FerUs is kILling me. ikn0wthis.
Even with the bleEding and the cutTing, he hsn't killed me. PoisOn. GaSoline is poIson.
It hurtS. So badlY it hUrts. MOnster iama monsTer andsoisheandsowas Ryan. I was Ryan. He was Ryan. Ryan is dead.
Iamsodead. It's eAting me insIde.


  1. Go ahead. Talk to him. I'll be watching.

  2. if he asks. victor will come for him.
    we are all monsters in this night Ferus, I give you your due.
    ask. and your suffering will free

  3. ... oh for fuck's sake. I'm tired of people dying. Come on, kid. You can do this. You can fight. It's over the moment you give up and you're BETTER than that.
    And Ferus, so I have some stern /WORDS/ for you. /WORDS/ involving some rope, a lighter, maybe a knife or two, and a bowel of noodles. Let's both hope that we never exchange /WORDS/ because I can't see it ending very well for one of us.

  4. Someone named Ferus is getting a shotgun to the face. Glass Man, you've pulled yourself through the mud before. Get your ass up, you've got support and aid. You can do this, dear. We know you can, don't you dare break because of this.

  5. EHEHEH!!!!
    LOOK AT ALL EM! All upset. Boo hoo. ;)
    Someone should quiet em down. Can I can I can I??