Monday, 27 June 2011


Oh god who the hell is this guy?

I'd decided to take a rest in a boarded up apartment building. It was nice, you know, to finally be able to rest my legs and catch up on everyone else. I'd managed to find a nice cot, which I was lying on while reading up on... Dante's blog, I think.

Then I heard a door open downstairs.

It was easy enough to find a closet to... I guess hide in. Imagine my sense of relief when it turned out to just be a regular proxie. Pretty normal guy. About five foot eight, wearing a black hoodie and a doll mask. I was just about ready to open the door and cut his throat when...

Oh goddammit he can move fast. He was just suddenly there. One arm holding the back of the proxie's neck and the other one... plunging into his gut. Then he just pulled. Shit he just fucking disemboweled him with his fucking hands.

The masked guy was just screaming. Dr. Welder just plunged his arm back in, lifted him up then drove his other thumb into Masky's throat. There was a sickening pop then silence.

He dropped the body to the ground, then sat on the bed. I had my account open on my laptop. He knows about all of you now. He knows who I'm going to meet up with and where.

And then he just stood up and left.

Oh god I need to take a shower and sleep but I can't sleep he'll kill me if I sleep he'll reach into my belly and pull out my guts I can't sleep Ican'tsleepican'tsleepican't


  1. If you are still near Jersey, meet me at Rice Market tomorrow near where they kept Shady. She's away right now, but I'm sure she would still want me to offer help for what you tried to do for her. Your hunter will not be able to get past my wards unless someone brings him in, which is very unlikely given his obviously violent habits. At the very least, you can rest here for a few days, and hopefully I can devise something to protect you from his notice when you leave.

  2. Don't let this get to you. This was obviously a scare tactic, and a good one, but you can't let yourself be affected. It seems to me that, if he wanted to, he could gut you just as easily when you're awake, so why bother not sleeping? All it'll do is slow down your reaction speed, and then where will you be?

  3. Shit man, he's coming for me? Can he killed with bullets?