Wednesday, 22 June 2011

No one wins.

No one. Ever. Wins.


  1. That's fucking bullshit and you know it

  2. Whelp, we can either sit down and cry and give up like pussies or keep going and become a loser anyway.


    More Bourbon, s'my answer to that.

  3. No one wins at life, but no one loses either. You either just lay down and mope or you get up and push forward again. We can help you stand and walk down your path in life but we cannot do it if you have no will to move on. We cannot help if you have no will to stand on your own when time comes to do so. The choice is your own to make, we would prefer to see you push forward.

    Here to support you, Glass Man.

    Stay safe,

  4. No one has won, yet. A way will be found to kill HIM Glassman, just hang in there.