Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I have nightmares.

And they're not about Him any more.

Standing in the Field. Screams echoing from the horizon. The smell of burned flesh lodged in my nostrils. No sun, but a constant amber light illuminating all with no visible source.
Eight meters away is Ferus. His shoulders shake, as if he's trying to hold in laughter. A funny joke, maybe. A bad one, likely. He begins walking towards me and as he approaches I notice that the grass is peeling away under his feet to reveal bleeding and blistering skin, not unlike his own. He continues to walk, his shirt matted with sweat blood and something I don't even want to describe. When he finally arrives, standing less than a meter away, his hand moves to the bottom of his mask.
Then I wake up.

Rayne's friend is named Brian. I don't think he likes me very much. I can understand him. Rayne was likely allowed into his home under false pretense (likely some kind of work on the house... fumigation perhaps?), an equally good excuse is thought up for Lauren, and then I show up. Whatever story Rayne made for me doesn't work, because there's something about me that just isn't quite right. The attire? The mannerisms? Perhaps "the cold eyes of a killer"? Regardless, I have trespassed on his property and he is likely trying to think of a reason not to kick me out.

When we first met I was eating from a box of Fruit Loops. His box of Fruit Loops. I only realized he was there  due to the curious absence of noise.

"What are you doing in my house?" The tone was obviously threatening.
"I'm Rayne's friend." Bad move.
"Who the FUCK is 'Rain'?" His voice rose to an almost hysterical pitch.
"Guy. On couch. Brought other friend." There was visible relief on his face, though not complete.
"So... what's your name?"
"Glass Man." I took another spoonful of Fruit Loops. He waited to see if I was joking. When he realized I wasn't, the tension rose again.
"What happened to your head?" I'm still not in the best condition.
"Ask Lauren." His eyebrows lowered.
"I asked you."
"Lauren hit me over the head with a lamp. Sorry about the lamp."

"Uh, Brian?" Rayne had obviously just been woken by the conversation. Brian was less than amused.
"We need to talk. Right now."
"All right." Looking like a married couple that had crossed each other during an evening with friends, they left the room.
I kept eating my Fruit Loops. Brian has been watching me ever since.

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