Thursday, 14 July 2011

What is the nature of a mind?

Is it a single entity, poised to control the body and bring forth thought?
We are too contrary.
Is it many entities aiming to dominate, hiding behind a facade of unity?
We would all hear the voices.

What happens when a mind is torn to shreds? Do the remains sort themselves into good bits and bad bits or are they just bits, as neutral in their morality as a newborn baby or a discarded shoe. What happens when the bits come together, trying to fill in the blanks. Do they form something beautiful or ugly? Or is it just another "thing"?

What happens to the missing pieces?


  1. I don't know, sorry, Glass.

    If he was still around I'd tell you to ask Robert.

  2. There will always be good pieces and bad pieces, which are which are usually defined by your own morality and perspective, even others opinions should they reach you. The missing pieces... Are they truly gone, perhaps just layered with dead memories and forgotten? Are they like mine, I wonder, trapped behind a barrier? Difficult to say what happens to the missing pieces, all I can say is they usually need to be found.

    One is never whole until their life is complete, when they are dead. But they can be close enough to it by knowing their person and remembers.

    We are all beautiful, even with the ugly there is beauty still there. It's our flaws and understanding them, embracing them, that allows us to be a little more whole. I cannot say what the nature of the mind is... It simply is. Perhaps it's one of the greatest mysteries, no? Searching for the answer myself. I'll let you know if I find any, darling.

    Please stay safe,