Saturday, 16 July 2011

Interview with a happy man

The good days are over, but then again they always were.
Did you write that, Glass Man? It certainly sounds like you, but you deny it.
Hmmm, writing in your sleep? I thought you never slept. I thought you were always in control. Losing that control? Does it hurt?

Or maybe I posted it, but that would hardly help would it. Because it still sounded like you.

To my loving and adoring fans (that includes you Dante, you adorable thing), I give you a wonderful opportunity. Ever wondered what makes me tick? Well now's the time to ask away. I always love a good chat.



  1. ... Adorable? You're a creep.

    Fine. Question. Why are you harassing Glass? And related, why are you harassing me?

  2. 1. Because of destiny.
    2. Because it's fun.

  3. What do you mean, because of destiny?

  4. I'd rather he find out first, dear.

  5. What do you intend to do with Glassman? What do you intend to do in general? What is your purpose? What's your favorite color?

    You know, the ever so boring and repetitive questions that tend to be ever so useful. Heh. I'd ask what your story is but you do enjoy playing your role as an enigma, sigh.

    Oh, and hardly a fan, darling.

  6. So why do you work for the Slender Man?

  7. To the Shady Lady:
    1. Kill him, ultimately.
    2. Live life, enjoy it in my own ways.
    3. The last two answers.
    4. Mauve.

    To my lovely Dante:
    Because I quite literally owe EVERYTHING to him.

  8. Please stop with the flattery. It's creepy. And I'm not "yours".

    What has he done for you?

  9. Oh how unfortunate. What wonderful times we could have had together.

    Life. I owe my life to him. Without him I would be nothing.