Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Meetings are always interesting.
I've been very tired as of late. No sleep (that's fucking right, Ferus), a lot of running, occasional fighting. One very, very close call on a bus.
It would be nice to say that's over, but of course that would be wrong. There is simply three of us against a madman with incredible strength and a sharp wit.

I knocked on Rayne's friend's door at 2 AM. Ringing the doorbell would have been too loud... far too loud. Rayne was of course the first to answer, as he was asleep on a couch in the living room. He had given the guestroom to Lauren.
When you're a tall man such as I, it's always a shock to see how small people you've come to respect are in comparison to yourself.  Rayne stood about 5"9' with shoulder length dirty-blonde hair. When he first looked at me his hand went immediately for the gun in his pocket. I realised that I looked like exactly the kind of person who would show up on your doorstep, force his way in and stab you to death, shortly followed by everyone else in the house. So, aiming for survival first, understanding later, I kicked him in the gut. He sprawled onto the floor floor, reaching for the gun he had dropped. I knelt on his chest (a little trick I learned from Zero... just goddamn it), whipped out my knife and put it against his throat. His eyes went wide.
"Rayne, you idiot, not everyone is trying to kill you."
A look of pure recognition and embarrassment overtook his face.
"G... Glass?"
Then something heavy hit me in the back of the head.

As annoyed as I am and as much as I feel like shit right now, I have to commend Lauren on how quickly she heard the scuffle downstairs, grabbed a lamp, snuck down and clobbered Rayne's perceived attacker.

Does not make things any less awkward, though.


  1. 5'9". Short. Gah. And Ferus is a creep.

    I'm happy that you're alright, though, and that Ferus hasn't gotten you yet. You hadn't posted anything for a while, so I was worried.

  2. I'm fine, thanks for the concern. Also, sorry that you were sexually harassed by a leprous serial killer. I'll try my very best to kill him.

  3. Please do.

    Out of curiosity, are you in the Midwest right now? Just making sure that Ferus is faaar away. I've already had one encounter with a proxy this week, don't want another anytime soon.

  4. I'm Indiana, so Ferus is likely either here or in a neighboring state.

    By the way, you did what you had to do with Morningstar. Those people's lives weren't your responsibility. They realized they were risking their lives, regardless of who they were facing. Don't let it get to you.

  5. Oh good. That's far away.

    And thanks, Glass. That makes me feel a bit better.

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  7. So I think I figured something out... Remember when my blog got hacked and they left the message: "N0 Uni7y"? Notice the 0? 0=Zero. It is so obvious now. I am still trying to figure out how the 7 fits into things...

  8. ... That seems like a bit of a stretch, but sure.