Sunday, 24 April 2011


ReINtegration tabLet.
It seems that eveRYone is looking athim. JusTIfiable. Whenanew faCtor is adDed toany coNflict allsidesmust ceaSe actiVities. whoSe sideamIon? it would be ratHer cyniCaL tosayIamonmyownside. Iamonthesideofthe diScards. thOse whowillnotorcannot serVe the tORturEr, but aretoo twIsted toworkwiththe "ruNners".
Iwillkill thoSe who thREaten me. Iwillkill tHose whowishtoharm. ButfornowI wandeR.

Subject: "The Glass Man, Esq." Status: Semi-stable. Abilities: Moderate. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: High. Intelligence level: Moderate to high. Potential: High. Danger: High.

Iam stRong. Iam thREatening. Ihave pOteNtial. Iamin daNGer.

Thelastismosttrue. Myipod brokE thursDaY. No distrActions from the torTUrer. Ihavebeen seeIng him. neITher ofusseem plEased. there aremany sharp obJects inthe sTreet. Itisnotfuntobe dRagged. Must alWays findhigh placEs torest.

one adVantage to losINg useofipod. TraDed forTHIS (notmy photo):

Toomany sWords. Gunsare safer.
25 shells. 25 bodiEs.
WatCh me.


  1. I sHouLD TeLL YoU

    I am NoT jaCK.

    OnlY thE oNE wHo wiLL eND HIs liFe !! ! !

    StIll LoVe mEEE !??! ! ?!?! ! ?!?!??!


  2. Idon't reCalL haVing broUGht loveintothis.

    In orDer to deTeRmine wHether we sHould work tOGether, Imustask: whydoyouwishtokillthisJack?

  3. I waNTt tO kIlL JacK beCauSe MaSTer TolD mE to.

    MaSTer iS LiKe My dADDy, anD I wANt to mAke hIm HApPy ! 1 ! 1 1 1! 1 ! ! 1! ! 1 !!

    HE anD His CoUSiN DrEw TyLer wAnT tO huRT MasTeR.

    If I faIl theN mASTer WilL hiT mE AGAin WitH ONE OF HIs tenDrIls.

    PlUS I loVe bloOD anD a gOOD dinNeR

    WhEn I KIlL somEoNE

    I GET BOTH !!! ! ! ! ! !! !


    YoU're fuNN


  4. ThouGh Ihavesome reSErvatIons about worKIng witha cOmpLete maDman, peRHaps wecanwork soMethIng out.

    Ihavemy aGenDa. Youhaveyours.
    Atthe mOMent, Iwishto spreAd a meSSage.

    Whatisyourgoal beYOnd short-term muRDer and imPLicit cAnNibalism?

  5. I only have moments. Thankfully I am a good hacker. This is Jack Tyler. The real one.

    I want to answer the question you asked the Reinterigation Tablet.

    Chance of you helping innocent and coming out unscathed: 0%

    Bet your life on i------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------