Thursday, 14 April 2011


SlEeping in the stree-=ts is not fun. Very notfun on ggrounD level. He is always watching.
Eating. SleePing is nice. livingisnotnice.

tHere are otHHErs in the strreets. Not his peopPle. justpeople. we do not Talk.

InVENTTORy: coatknifelaptopipodearbudsglassesclotheshatredkeysforhouseeyesearstwobatteriesvisionshatredhatand35centsmoneyisnice.

regGen haas my attTent9ion. Tried RESearach. None of his bLogs hhave good arcHiving. Hard to nAVIga7te. ImpOssible to find start. nowasking:whoareyou?



  1. HE has been inside of Glass and has changed Glass, just like HE has done to me. The big difference is what HE did while HE was inside of us.

    Be wary of Glass. I can't tell if he's a runner now or if HE is controlling him.

    Glass? Are you in control or are you becoming a puppet?


  2. "Are you changed too?
    I am changed. Not of the body, of the mind. He has damaged something and I don't know what... I don't like opening my eyes anymore."

    Sorry; Regen was just a...phase...Um. Is it really that bad archiving? There's a drop-down box right at the top, it's organized weekly...uh. I'm - I'm not really anyone. I'm a teenager. I'm Frap's friend.