Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Frank's gone. Disappeared last night from his bedroom. Police are doing a search, asking questions around the school.
Nobody's said a single word.

I've started coughing. When people talk about it, they never say how much it hurts. I feel like I've inhaled razorblades.

And if that weren't enough, Adrian's spilling his guts to people online. I'm scared.
I may have to kill him.


  1. You get used to the coughing after a while.

    As for Adrian... You can't afford to kill him.


  2. He believes in self preservation. That much is evident. What we say will hardly matter.

  3. It's not self-preservation. It's a matter of stopping this shit from spreading. Adrian freaking KNOWS what's going on. He has no right to keep spreading this.

    On second thought, I'm going to give him a warning first. Then we'll see.

  4. That'd be best. This article. I'm analyzing it now.

  5. Whoah, buddy. Isn't killing a bit rash? You don't want to turn into Arkady, do you?

    Also, as far as an anti-Slender Man army goes, good luck. You have nowhere near enough people there. I'm not even sure it would work if the whole world was united against him. It's best to focus on staying alive. I'm sure you've heard of M. If you haven't, Googling "The Tutorial get up high" should take you to his blog. Not to boast, but I also give good advice.

    Keep in mind that it's just advice and suggestions. Not fact by any means. But it should at least help.