Saturday, 23 April 2011

On MaSks.

YesTErday Iwas inTerRupted.

Young man. EaRly tWentieS. WeariNg amask.
Itwas green. Somekindof halloween mask. Hewas standing overme. HolDing somekindofclub. Thought iwas asleep. INEVERSLEEP. Icuthis achilleS tendons from under him. He screamed. I stood upand kicked himintheface twice.

Masks. peOple always wear masKs. it seems anoNymity isthegoal, orsomekindof pROtection against him. there isno protecTion. Masks hideyou. They turnyouinto someone else. Someone youwanttobeorneedtobe. Masks make you sTronger.

The second timethemaskcameoff. hehad brown hair. Didn't notice eye color (howcanyou?). I pulled outthe knife. His pupils diLated. he started tobeg. i knelt down and stabbed himonceinthegut.

Masks arean illUSion. They makeusfeel invuLNerabLe. This never lasts. Whenyouwearamaskyousaythatyou cannot die. thatyouare uniQue. thatthe rules donot apply toyou.

He screaMed. I stabbed him again. he began to whine. I twisted. blood poured fromhis mouth but still he BEGGED. i slashed him again and again. whenhe started to scream again i stabbed himintheneck.

Masks make you the eneMy.

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  1. Sometimes the mask you choose shows your true face.