Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A MEssaGe

2AM last night.

I'vebeen luRking aroUnd thiscityfor3daysnow. Havebeen waTching the local park. Seems tobethe right place tolookoutforhim. Ididnotseehim.
I found somEThing betTer.

I have'Nt hadmuch exPerience with prOXies (exCept maybe themaninthe alley). HowEver, intheparkihadthe chAnce to learn much. Three ofthem. ALways gatHering intheparkat night to awAit orDers fromhim. No oRdeRs hadcomeforsometime. Theywere beCOming nerVous. Onesaidso.

You shoUld allbe aware thatmy laPtOp is mymost prECious posSessiOn. Even so,all things mustbe risKed. I plaCed itnearthe opPositE endofthepark. Seta timer for two minuTes. There is noThing that attRactS them fasTer than disTorted sKinNy pUPpy tracks.

The tHree ofthem waNdered over, relieVed. Their mesSage hadcomeatlast.
iwas their MESsAgE.

I stepPed from around thetree. The first shot missEd. Acar alarm wentoff. One shOuted. They sCatteRed. Ishotthe shouTer intheface.
When a sHotgun shell fired froma raTher wonDerFul weaPon hits someOne from short range, theyareno loNger pretty.

I tried to shoot a seCond. ForGot tocockthegun(idiot). When I maNaged to shoot, itwasfromtoofar, butit stIll gavehimalimp.
KNives are alWays haNdy.

The third hid inabush. Witha sword. I kiCked himinthebackofthehead. Onthe grouNd, I broke hisneckwithmyfoot. I couLd haveshothim, butIhad alReady used three shelLs. DisCipLine isthekey.

Idonotwantmy moTives qUestiOned.
When Iam acCused of being hispawn, reMeMber this.


  1. I don't think I'd question your motives. I know you and I trust you.

  2. I'm not about to accuse you of being his pawn. I know how they work.

    Doesn't really mean that you're NOT a complete sociopath, though.

  3. You wanted me to contact you; here I am.
    I don't know what you meant about this not being black and white, but then again, I'm not really sure about anything that's happened so far.

  4. stepone:

    readthisfrom beGiNning toend.

  5. Alright...
    After reading that, I'd call you a fucking psychopath if not for Mr. Tall Dark and Scary haunting my dreams.
    The idea of some memetic monster going around killing people, driving them to insanity, is something that wouldn't fly, usually.
    I'd accept that I was insane if not for this, and the messages 7 left all over my computer. I've seen a few of the other blogs, so I'll accept that this is real.
    You don't seem as... gone as Zero, and it looks like you're killing His.

    I can't say I trust you, or anyone for that matter, but I believe you.

  6. You are fascinating. Your raw focus, combat ability, and tactics. It's rather impressive, dear. While I am concerned for your mental state I do not deny the fact you are incredibly productive like so. I am sorry if I make it sound like you're a subject of some kind, it's just rare to find a person of your calibur.

  7. You grow more interesting by the day.