Saturday, 7 May 2011


ManTeo. I receIved a messAge from mAnteo urGing me to come to BelFast. When I aRrived I was told to kill a man named Wade SImmons. Wade SimmONs was a Zero folLower. I woulD like to reiTerate that sofarI have not seen a DIrECT link betwEen Zero and these peopLe, thoUgh they are evidentLy inspireD byhim.

When I conFIrmed MaNteo's inforMation onhim I went tohis place of work. A shoe shop. ApParently the first. When I walKed throuGh the door Wade beraTed meand said that the shop wasnota homEleSs shelTer. I shot himinthe knee. MantEo told mean exaMple wastobe made of Wade. I agReEd.When I began to clean mySelf off three hours later, Iwas hit from behind.

ManteO had told meof Wade's friends. They were not happy tosee Wade inthe condITion hewasin. They kicked me. Alot. The floor was very dirty from earLier. Then one screaMed.

Him. The TorTurer. I crawleD towarD the back door. Blood sprayeD the floor for a third time that day. Two of Wade's men traMpled meas they ran out the back door. I looked back. Onewas hardly recogniZAble. He was... reAching into the other. AsI made it into the back room there was one last scream. All that was left wasmeand Wade. I must getoutof BelfaSt. There istoo much blood.

He is followINg me.


  1. Convenient, you show up to kill a few and end up being prey to another. I'm tapping the keyboard with a scowl of suspicion.

    Heal fast, run fast, stay safe.

    Be careful, Glass Man.

  2. If these people really are inspired by my ideals, they have no idea what I'm doing.

    and to think how often *I* have been called a zealot.

  3. YouARE vicIousLy murdeRing peopLe dueto some sort of dIVine insIgHt.

  4. TheShadyLady is right, that is a bit sketchy.

  5. Yes Glass it seems very sketchy. Answer me this, do you believe you are better off now then you were a few days ago? Was listening to me a mistake? Oh, and I just thought I'd mention that your attackers have been dealt with. I wanted to show them the error of their ways, blindly following a deranged, homicidal prophet, but it seems that they didn't learn their lesson. A two man team will stop by your suite and drop off a piece of intelligence that they feel is too sensitive to transport themselves. They found it at the house, after dealing with the surviving followers. You will see the paper, but Alex will transport it. You'll meet with a man named Samuel. Alex will bring you to him along with the intelligence. Be VERY respectful to him. Contact me when the intelligence is dropped of.