Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The FaCtory

Near the CanAda-US boRder. HeaDing south.
Found anold teXtile mill. AbaNdoned duriNg some legal dispute, probaBly. Near a forEst, soitwas just a maTter of time befoRe soMeOne was sent. A prOxie. Let’s call him Henry. Henry juMped meinthe woods with a shoVel. Hewasnot exPecTing meto bite hisearoff. I clubbEd him with the shOvel beFore he could reCOver.

There has been somEThing I have wanTed to test fora while. What happeNs to caPtive proxIes?


Henry has been inthe coRNer of a small, windOWless room for three hours now. When he first woke upand realIzed that hewas tied toa chair, he was not hapPy.

Henry: You fuCking basTard! I’m going to kill you!
Me: Hello.

(Long pause)

Henry: They told meyou were messEd up. I didN’t reaLIse He let nutJObs get away.
Me: SaNIty is reLatIve ifnot non-EXistant. Weare going todoa test. Areyou fine with that?
Henry: NoIamnot fuCKing FINE with that! Letmegoyou ear-eatiNg pSycho!
Me (sighing): It appEaRs only oneofusis going to learn a lessOn today.

(I drag the chair into the room)

Henry: What the fuck areyou doing?!?
Me: TeSting a theOry.

(I close the door)

Henry hasyetto disaPpear. It seems that I was right aboUt blind spots, butI haven’t yet solved my quesTIon.

ExcuSe me while I shoot Henry.


  1. Is that necessary? Did you not see the basic aspects of humanity still being in tact when you were with the fellow? He could have been torn from His grasp with ease.

    Sigh. Test subjects are useful to keep alive, shooting every single one after a test won't give you answers. Testing them on multiple things then getting a new subject to test on the same things will help you figure out whether or not it is fact they cannot do something or whether it is limited to some. You're not very experienced with testing on others, are you?

  2. The basis ofmy theoRy dePeNds onall pRoxies shaRing the same trait. Sono, Ididnot have a reaSon to spare themanwho tried to beat meto death with a shoVel.

  3. He went Secret Window on you, eh? Tsk, tsk. So you're looking to test that one specific trait alone?

  4. AsI said, Iam heaDing South. I canNot wait too long.

  5. Alright. I'll just wait until your next post then. Be careful.

  6. Of course, dear. There are some who do want you safe and alive.

    Until I bug you on the next post then,

  7. At least it was a proxy today.

  8. SleEping ina toOlsHed toniGht. Here's a queSTion: where does KayofA Wand andA PraYer cuRrenTly live. Zero is expECteD tobe theRe soon. ThoUgh Kayhasnot reSPondeD tomy offer of assIStance, I hope to iNTercEpt him.