Wednesday, 4 May 2011


HeaDing acrOss the boRder toniGht. Large foResTed area. Fewifany sheLteRs. It's going tobefun.

What isitI want? ImMeadiAtelY, tosee Zero dead andthe world slIghtLy safer. Itis daNgerOus enoUgh wiThout a madmAn killIng foran unjUstIFiable cause.

I want tobe able to sleep more than three hours a week. I want tobe able to look at a tree andsay: my, what a nice tree. I want tobe able to look throUgh windOws witHOut the fear of seeinG the gates of hell open before me. MosTly, I want to forGet. ForgEt that I've kiLled ten peOple withOut a shred of reGret. I want to forgeT what hapPenEd the night I went to kill AdriAn and wound up dying myseLf. I want to foRget that the world isnota place where safEty isthe deFault state. I want to forGet that I once hada fUTure that wasnot inunDatEd with death.

I want evERyone to fOrget.


  1. You're running.

    There's a more important target out there, and hunting Zero won't hurt him in the least.

  2. Forgetting would be nice, plenty seek to forget. I wish to remember, so I would not know the reverse of it but I understand the meaning of wishing to forget. Death, be it about a person's state of being or actual physical death I know personally. As do some others out there, pushing forth from it is what matters. I'm not going to sit here and write you a lecture because I know you're smarter than those that do not know how to move on. You're killing people to make the world a safer place, that's moving forward from what occurred. That's doing something. Course', I do not approve of the method exactly, but the meaning behind it counts.

    But forgetting, as pleasant as most think it is, is not fun. To put it bluntly: it sucks. You never feel whole, like all of you is not quite there, and it is a constant nag. Remembering gives you experience, everything is an experience or can be made into one. Your regrets are apart of you, they are flaws that make us all imperfect but that is what is truly beautiful. Perfection is something to look up to, but is meaningless to attain for you cannot aspire past it, be creative. I do wish I could tell you that you could have all those things, but I cannot, nor do I think anyone else can. Soon some of those things you will be able to check off your list but not all of them.

    I respect you for doing what you can to make the world a better place. It's broken and does need fixing.

  3. Good evening glass, may i call you glass? Or rather hello, seeing as you might not read this before tomorrow morning. You might be busy at the moment, a lot of testing and whatnot still to be done. So yes, Hello will do nicely.

    Hello Glass,

    You see, my name is Manteo and I have been following your entries very closely for the past few weeks. I believe that you are just the kind person I've been looking for, but before i can elaborate on what it is exactly that I'm looking for, I need to know that you are willing to hear me out. I will not spill my guts on this blog site for the hell of it. That being said, your drive and ability to keep your head (though apparently not your writing skills) after all that you've been through is astounding and I am certainly willing to take a chance with trusting you. So if you are interested acknowledge my offer and I'll make arrangements for us to communicate in a more private manor. I have resources that i'm sure would prove most useful in

    It may be true that we are all crazy, but those of us that can keep a goal in mind, those of us who still retain the ability to know what we want, where we will go next, there is still hope for us. We are of a special breed. I look forward to hearing from you.