Thursday, 5 May 2011


Last night was intEresting. WalKing steadiLy with a compasS aimed southwest. ShadoWs meldinG toGether. SometiMEs it seemed like him. Often, itwas. Then I would run southwest. Iam fine. Eyes occaSionally seem to inVert, but otHerwise fine. 

CurreNt locaTion: BridGewater, Maine. Zero is going togo throuGh Maine. Itis just a mattEr of knoWing where in Maine. Iamnot going in withOut a plan. I have ideas. UNorthodoX ones but plans noneTheless. Asan addEd advaNtage, the woNderful RobeRt Sage has desTroyed Zero's sword.

Iam going to find him. When Ido, no more will die beCause ofhim.

19 shells. 10 bodies. Let's add anoTHer.

I like Maine. It remiNds meof home.


  1. Maine is very nice, I like spending my summers there. Especially on the rocky coast.

    Stay safe, Glass Man.

  2. Found 20 dolLars. EatiNg hot dogs. Dear god I missEd hot dogs.

  3. Wait a minuTe...
    Yes, Iam willIng to lisTen. Very wiLling.

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