Wednesday, 11 May 2011


The trip to WaldOboRo was someWhat uneveNtful, allinall. When Alex andIgotto MaNTeo's "saFehouse" there wasn't much tosee.

Oneofthemenhad obvIOusly shot the other inthe head. He, in turn, was disembOWeled and hanGing upsIDe down from the cEilIng fan. I don't know, maybe I've just reaCHed a point where none of this suRPrises meany more. While Alex rusHed tothe batHRoom, I manaGed to recoveR ManteO's intel from the emptY-headed courier.

So here I am, back atthe hotel atteMpting to read a blood-soakEd lettEr writTen ina larGely forGotten NatiVe AMerican tongue while my chAuffeur/boDYguard is hitTing the town in order to foRCefully induCe retRograde aMnesia on himSelf.

Howis eVEryOne else?


  1. That's uneventful? Damn...

    And smack some sense into your 'bodyguard.'

  2. That's, um, pleasant.

    Note to self: Don't eat while reading blogs.

    Glad you're alright, though!

  3. Dammit. Shit. And all the other colorful language I am too upset to think of right now. Alex probably didn't tell you this, but the guy hanging from the ceiling fan was one of Gordon's very good friends. Ryan Freeman was his name (Doesn't make much of a difference now, his whole family is dead anyway) and he was a recce specialist. Him and Gordon where sent to check "Them" out. Gordon was captured and Ryan was forced to watch as they...well you know what happened. That's why it disturbed Alex so much. It wasn't the blood and gore, Alex has disemboweled his fair share of people in his time. It was losing one of the only meaningful relationships he had left.

    Oh and I've been meaning to ask, how have the last few days been for you? Haven't seen him in a little while have you? Or if you have it was very rare. Alex has that effect when your around him. Though that means that the tall fucker has been following me night and day now, I had almost started to forget what it was like. It sucks.

    Anyway, you and Alex need to go talk to Samuel as soon as possible, and make sure no one follows you. NO ONE.

    And seriously Glass? You just come right out and say the location of the safehouse? I understand that it is obviously compromised, but I may still have agents in the area. Please just reread your posts before you pst them and ask yourself "Would Manteo want me to say this?"

  4. Glad you're alright.

    I'm a little panicky, but other than that, as fine as anyone doomed is.

  5. I don't suppose you would have read my comment before it got miraculously erased? Just to clarify I'm talking to you glass.

  6. Yes. YesIdid.
    I reVEaled the locAtion of your damn safeHOuse because it wasn't by any defiNItion "safe". It wouldn't matter ifIputupa sign sayINg "safEhouse, brouGht toyouby MaNteo" becAUse irReGardless some weird shit went down there.

    Also, I'm doing fine.