Monday, 9 May 2011


Time to fill all of you in. After haviNg limpeD away from BelfAst, ManteO told me to reTurn in order to retrieVE some items left formeat the bank. This severeLy friGhtened the young telLer atthe desk, asnot only wasI covEred in blood, butIwas also aday eaRly. I should read more thorouGhly. After assErting whohad sent me, I beCame the proud owner of a backPack, a change of cloThes, ten shells, 2000$ and a chauFfeur/bodYguard named Alex (hewasnotinthe safe). I am curRently stAying at a nice hotel. MAnteo, whoisin fact a buSineSsman runNing a proTectiOn ring for those who have been inFected, has agreeD to fiNance my miSsion. Iam cuRrently awaIting an importaNt pacKage, which is as aMbigUous asitis late.

Bring it, Zero.


  1. I trust your judgement Glass, so far you haven't released any information I want kept between us, but just be careful. The fact that you used Alex's name doesn't bother me, just be sure to not give away his location. He is doing this as a favor for me, if he comes to any harm due to a slip on your part then you'll quickly realize that you are just as fragile as all the scum you've wasted, I'll make sure of it. That being said, I seriously doubt you'd make such a stupid mistake, and it would be such a shame if you did. That was just a cautionary warning. Nothing personal, just business.

  2. Interesting. At least you have some supplies now. Despite my wary behavior towards Manteo I am rather glad to see some aid coming to those infected or in an alike position. So respect is given for the aid there, though what the motivation is as well as the intended goal through this has yet to be said. I have not yet encountered many that do things out of the kindness of their hearts.

    Stay safe, Glass Man and now Alex as well.

  3. Shady, MantEo isnot altRUistic inthe least, butas long asthe serVice is prOVided I'm fine to live andlet live.

  4. That's hurtful Glass, is that all i am to you? A service provider? Well to tell you the truth I prefer it that way. There are very few people who I'd consider my friends. You are not yet one of them, and I doubt you will become one for the simple fact that we have different views. That being said, you are a great asset to me, and I a great ally for you. Lets keep it that way for now and we'll see how things play out.

    P.S. The shield is on the way, I'll tell you where to pick it up in a few days.